Technical Program

Monday, 2, 2020

8.00 NYC, 14.00 Milan

Performance 2020 Opening

Welcome from the chairs & Best papers award announcement

Session 1: Caching

Session chair: Siddhartha Banerjee

  • Guocong Quan, Atilla Eryilmaz, Jian Tan, Ness Shroff. Prefetching and Caching for Minimizing Service Costs: Optimal and Approximation Strategies
  • Yuezhou Liu, Yuanyuan Li, Qian Ma, Stratis Ioannidis and Edmund Yeh. Fair Caching Networks
  • Nitish Kumar Panigrahy, Philippe Nain, Giovanni Neglia and Don Towsley. A New Upper Bound on Cache Hit Probability for Non-anticipative Caching Policies (short paper)

10.00 NYC, 16.00 Milan


Parallel sessions

Tuesday, 3, 2020

8.00 NYC, 14.00 Milan

Session 2: Load Balancing & Scheduling 1

Session chair: Nidhi Hegde 

  • Benjamin Berg, Rein Vesilo and Mor Harchol-Balter. heSRPT: Parallel Scheduling to Minimize Mean Slowdown
  • Kristen Gardner, Jazeem Abdul Jaleel, Alexander Wickeham and Sherwin. Doroudi Scalable Load Balancing in the Presence of Heterogeneous Servers

Keynote 1 – Enterprise Data Trends for Hybrid Multi-clouds

Dr. Naresh M. Patel, Vice President and Chief Architect at NetApp Inc, Sunnyvale, CA, USA.

10.00 NYC, 16.00 Milan

Session 3: Network Economics

Session chair: Lei Ying

  • Fehmina Malik, Manjesh Kumar Hanawal, Yezekael Hayel and Jayakrishnan Nair. Revenue sharing on the Internet: A Case for Going Soft on Neutrality Regulations
  • Niloofar Bayat, Richard T. B. Ma, Vishal Misra and Dan Rubenstein. Zero-Rating and Net Neutrality: Big Winners and Small Losers
  • Lianjie Shi, Xin Wang and Richard T. B. Ma. On Multi-Resource Procurement in Internet Access Markets: Optimal Strategies and Market Equilibrium
  • Du Su and Yi Lu Infer. User Preferences from Aggregate Measurements: A Novel Message Passing Algorithm for Privacy Attack

12.00 NYC, 18.00 Milan

Session 4: Load Balancing & Scheduling 2

Session chair: Weina Wang

  • Ziv Scully, Isaac Grosof and Mor Harchol-Balter. Optimal Multiserver Scheduling with Unknown Job Sizes in Heavy Traffic
  • Xingyu Zhou, Ness Shroff and Adam Wierman. Asymptotically Optimal Load Balancing in Large-scale Heterogeneous Systems with Multiple Dispatchers
  • Nitish Kumar Panigrahy, Prithwish Basu, Don Towsley, Ananthram Swami and Kin K. Leung. On the Analysis of Spatially Constrained Power of Two Choice Policies (short paper)

Wednesday, 4, 2020

8.00 NYC, 14.00 Milan

Session 5: Applications and Systems 1

Session chair: Giovanni Neglia

  • Jianyu Niu, Ziyu Wang, Fangyu Gai and Chen Feng. Incentive Analysis of Bitcoin-NG, Revisited
  • Mark Glavind, Niels Christensen, Jiri Srba and Stefan Schmid. Latte: Improving the Latency of Transiently Consistent Network Update Schedules
  • Shiva Raj Pokhrel and Carey Williamson. A Rent-Seeking Framework for Multipath TCP
  • Myungsuk Kim, Myoungjun Chun, Duwon Hong, Yoona Kim, Geonhee Cho, Dusol Lee and Jihong Kim. RealWear: Improving Performance and Lifetime of SSDs Using a NAND Aging Marker

10.00 NYC, 16.00 Milan

Session 6: Resource Allocation

Session chair: Riccardo Lancellotti

  • Konstantinos Psychas and Javad Ghaderi. A Theory of Auto-Scaling for Resource Reservation in Cloud Services
  • Simon Scherrer, Markus Legner, Adrian Perrig and Stefan Schmid. Incentivizing Stable Path Selection in Future Internet Architectures
  • Wenkai Dai, Klaus-Tycho Foerster, David Fuchssteiner and Stefan Schmid. Load-Optimization in Reconfigurable Networks:Algorithms and Complexity of Flow Routing
  • Marcin Bienkowski, David Fuchssteiner, Jan Marcinkowski and Stefan Schmid. Online Dynamic B-Matching with Applications to Reconfigurable Datacenter Networks

12.00 NYC, 18.00 Milan

Session 7: Switches 1

Session chair: Kin Leung

  • Gayane Vardoyan, Philippe Nain, Saikat Guha and Don Towsley. On the Exact Analysis of a Quantum Switch
  • Gayane Vardoyan, Philippe Nain, Saikat Guha and Don Towsley. On the Capacity Region of Bipartite and Tripartite Entanglement Switching (short paper)
  • Jingfan Meng, Long Gong and Jun Xu. Sliding-Window QPS (SW-QPS):  A Perfect Parallel Iterative Switching Algorithm for Input-Queued Switches (short paper)

Thursday, 5, 2020

8.00 NYC, 14.00 Milan

Session 8: Switches 2

Session chair: Peter Harrison

  • Yingdong Lu, Mark Squillante and Tonghoon Suk. Optimal Control in Fluid Models of nxn Input-Queued Switches under Linear Fluid-Flow Costs
  • Yu Huang and Longbo Huang. Heavy Traffic Analysis of Approximate Max-Weight Matching Algorithms for Input-Queued Switches

Keynote 2 – Scheduling Impatient Customers in a Multiclass Many Server Queue

Prof. Amy R. Ward, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, IL, USA.

10.00 NYC, 16.00 Milan

Session 9: Stochastic Models

Session chair: Cathy Xia

  • Rahul Vaze and J Nair. Network Speed Scaling
  • Maryam Elahi, Andrea Marin, Sabina Rossi and Carey Williamson. Frequency scaling in multilevel queues
  • Sounak Kar, Robin Rehrmann, Arpan Mukhopadhyay, Bastian Alt, Florin Ciucu, Heinz Koeppl, Carsten Binnig and Amr Rizk. On the Throughput Optimization in Large-Scale Batch-Processing Systems
  • Shigeo Shioda. Distribution of Consensus in a Broadcast-based Consensus-forming Algorithm (short paper)

12.00 NYC, 18.00 Milan

Session 10: Applications and Systems 2

Session chair: William Knottenbelt

  • Behnam Pourghassemi, Ardalan Amiri Sani and Aparna Chandramowlishwaran. Only Relative Speed Matters: Virtual Causal Profiling (short paper)
  • Guin Gilman, Samuel S. Ogden, Tian Guo and Robert J. Walls. Demystifying the Placement Policies of the GPU Thread Block Scheduler for Concurrent Kernels (short paper)
  • Mohammad Hoque, Ashwin Rao and Sasu Tarkoma. Network and Application Performance MeasurementChallenges on Android Devices (short paper)

Friday, 6, 2020

8.00 NYC, 14.00 Milan


Parallel sessions

11.00 NYC, 17.00 Milan

Session 11 – Meet the Star Event

PhD students can discuss their PhD work with the keynote speakers, Dr. Naresh Patel, Prof. Amy Ward, and Prof. Mor Harchol-Batler and Prof. Don Towsley